"Being able to produce for brands that we buy,
as ordinary consumers, is such a privilege"

Filipe e Rui Vilaça | CEO's IRV textil

About us

IRV Textil is a manufacturing company for high quality circular knit garments. We are proudly located in the North of Portugal, a textile industry region with a world known heritage, but 95% of our work is for export, mainly to the USA, Spain and France.

Know How

We really appreciate the know how we inherited from our family and are passionate about outdoor sports.


We make an effort to bring our dynamic lifestyle and eagerness to innovate to IRV Textil way of doing things.


We are two brothers, with a team with more than 30 years of experience, want to bring to you great quality service.


We can produce exclusive fabrics, according to our client's design, but we also have a hands-on approach to the creative development.

We only work with certified suppliers and care that every part of the production process follows sustainable responsablity parameters.

With the same level of quality, we have the capacity to deliever small productions, as well as productions of more than 100.000 items per style.


We love our clients

We like to establish a close relationship with our clients and that is why we try to be flexible throughout the whole process.

Let's work together

We are lucky to be producing fine circular knit garments for renowned brands.
We would now love to start to work with you!

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